Our School Spirit Lasts An Eternity


Event NameEvent DateEvent Location
Varsity Volleyball at Sectionals10/25/2014Cole Camp High School 500 South Keeney Cole Camp, MO
ACT Testing10/25/2014
All State Auditions10/25/2014
Cross Country at Saint Mary's10/25/2014
ITS Food Drive10/27/2014
Fall Sports Banquet10/27/2014Elementary Commons
Elementary Winter Sports Meeting10/27/2014SCA Elementary Gymnasium
ITS Food Drive10/28/2014
Secondary Band Concert10/28/2014Elementary Commons
ITS Food Drive10/29/2014
ITS Food Drive10/30/2014
ITS Food Drive11/01/2014
High School Wrestling Tryouts11/03/2014
High School Basketball Tryouts11/03/2014
Elementary School Food Drive11/03/2014Summit Christian Academy Elementary School 1450 SW Jefferson Lee
Varsity Soccer Sectionals11/04/2014
High School Basketball Tryouts11/04/2014
Elementary School Food Drive11/04/2014
High School Wrestling Tryouts11/04/2014
High School Basketball Tryouts11/05/2014
Elementary School Food Drive11/05/2014
High School Wrestling Tryouts11/05/2014
Elementary School Food Drive11/06/2014
High School Wrestling Tryouts11/06/2014
Kindergarten Field Trip11/06/2014Paul Messer Puppets
High School Basketball Tryouts11/06/2014
Elementary School Food Drive11/07/2014
International Education Week11/10/2014
Papa Murphy's Spirit Night11/11/2014
International Education Week11/11/2014
International Education Week11/12/2014
High School Athletic Pictures11/12/2014
International Education Week11/13/2014
International Education Week11/13/2014
Elementary Yearbook Pictures11/19/2014
Mardel Shop & Share Spirit Event11/22/2014Mardel
Junior Varsity & Varsity Girls Basketball versus Notre Dame de Sion11/24/2014
First Grade Thanksgiving Program11/24/2014Elementary Commons
First Grade Craft Time11/24/2014Elementary Commons
Secondary Pep Assembly11/25/2014
Secondary Blue Crew Day11/25/2014
Thanksgiving Break - No School11/26/2014
Thanksgiving Break - No School11/27/2014
Thanksgiving Break - No School11/28/2014
Eagle Invitational Basketball Tournament12/01/2014
Eagle Invitational Basketball Tournament12/02/2014
Eagle Invitational Basketball Tournament12/03/2014
Eagle Invitational Basketball Tournament12/04/2014
It's A Wonderful Life Drama Production12/04/2014
It's A Wonderful Life Drama Production12/05/2014
Eagle Invitational Basketball Tournament12/05/2014
Virtuosity Recital12/07/2014
5th & 6th Grade Band & Choir Perform12/08/2014
High School Choir Performs at Crown Center12/08/2014
Varsity Boys Basketball Versus Excelsior Springs12/09/2014
Secondary Choir & Band Concert12/11/2014
Varsity Girls & Boys Basketball at Central High School12/12/2014Central High School
3rd Grade Christmas Program12/16/2014
Secondary Finals (1/2 Day)12/17/2014
Boys Basketball Games (C,JV & V) @ Oak Grove12/17/2014Oak Grove High School 605 E 12th St, Oak Grove, MO 64075
Secondary Finals (1/2 Day)12/18/2014
5th Grade Field Trip to Christmas Carol12/18/2014
Half Day of School12/19/2014
Elementary Sing-a-long12/19/2014
End of Quarter12/19/2014
Elementary Christmas Parties12/19/2014
Christmas Break - No School12/22/2014
Christmas Break - No School12/23/2014
Christmas Break - No School12/24/2014
Christmas Break - No School12/25/2014
Christmas Break - No School12/26/2014
Christmas Break - No School12/29/2014
Christmas Break - No School12/30/2014
Christmas Break - No School12/31/2014
Christmas Break - No School01/01/2015
Christmas Break - No School01/02/2015
Christmas Break - No School01/05/2015
Basketball Games (JV & V Girls and Boys) against University Academy01/05/2015
Kindergarten Parent Partnership Teach Night01/08/2015
Basketball Games (JV & Varsity Girls and Boys) against Sherwood01/08/2015
Varsity Girls Basketball versus Maranatha01/09/2015
High School/Junior High Showcase01/13/2015
Secondary Blue Crew Day01/14/2015
Secondary Pep Assembly01/14/2015
Heartland Spelling Bee01/15/2015
Martin Luther King Holiday - No School01/19/2015
SCA Girls Varsity Soccer Cup04/01/2015
Elementary Easter Chapel04/02/2015Elementary Commons
Elementary Easter Chapel04/02/2015Elementary Commons
SCA Girls Varsity Soccer Cup04/02/2015
At the Cross Worship04/02/2015Elementary Commons
Elementary Book Club04/02/2015Elementary Library
Good Friday - No School04/03/2015
Secondary Spring Drama Production04/09/2015Elementary Commons
Secondary Spring Drama Production04/10/2015Elementary Commons
First Friday Administrators Event04/10/2015
Academic Fine Arts Meeting04/10/2015
Secondary SAT Testing04/13/2015
Elementary SAT Testing04/13/2015
Elementary SAT Testing04/14/2015
Secondary SAT Testing04/14/2015
Elementary SAT Testing04/15/2015
Secondary SAT Testing04/15/2015
Sarpino's Spirit Event04/15/2015
Elementary SAT Testing04/16/2015
Secondary SAT Testing04/16/2015
Elementary SAT Testing04/17/2015
7th Grade Field Trip to Omaho Zoo04/17/2015
Campus Visit Day04/17/2015Elementary Commons
National Honors Society Induction04/19/2015
Spring Band Concert04/21/2015
Jr. High Service Day04/22/2015
Board of Education Meeting04/23/2015
Senior High Service Day04/23/2015
Early Education Production04/23/2015
8th Grade Field Trip to Ha Ha Tonka State Partk04/24/2015
Campus Visit Day04/24/2015Elementary Library
Early Dismissal Day04/24/2015
Improv All Star04/24/2015
ITS Induction04/26/2015
Spring Choir Concer04/28/2015
All School Assembly04/28/2015Summit Christian Academy Secondary Gymnasium
SENIOR Chapel04/30/2015
Music State Competition05/01/2015
Virtuosity Recital05/03/2015
Boys Varsity Golf Districts05/04/2015
Teacher Appreciation Week05/04/2015
Teacher Appreciation Week05/05/2015
Boys Varsity Golf Districts05/05/2015
Boys Varsity Golf Districts05/06/2015
European Fair05/06/2015Elementary Commons
Teacher Appreciation Week05/06/2015
National Day of Prayer05/07/2015
Teacher Appreciation Week05/07/2015
High School Awards Day05/07/2015
Senior Graduation Rehearsal05/07/2015
6th Grade Celebration05/07/2015Elementary Commons
Elementary Book Club05/07/2015Elementary Library
SCA Graduation05/08/2015
Teacher Appreciation Week05/08/2015
Elementary Sports Banquet05/11/2015
Varsity Golf Sectionals05/11/2015
Spirit Event at Papa Murphy's05/13/2015
Kindergarten Program & Reception05/14/2015
Baseball Districts05/15/2015
Secondary Finals (1/2 Day)05/15/2015
Kindergarten Field Trip to Burr Oaks05/15/2015
First Grade Bike Parade05/15/2015
Varsity Soccer Districts05/18/2015
Secondary Finals (1/2 Day)05/18/2015
Baseball Districts05/18/2015
Varsity Golf State05/18/2015
Varsity Golf State05/19/2015
Varsity Baseball Districts05/19/2015
Varsity Soccer Districts05/19/2015
Secondary Finals (1/2 Day)05/19/2015
Elementary Field Day05/19/2015
Secondary Finals (1/2 Day)05/20/2015
Varsity Soccer Districts05/20/2015
Last Day of School (half day)05/20/2015
Secondary Blue Crew Day05/20/2015
Varsity Baseball Districts05/21/2015
Varsity Soccer Districts05/21/2015
Varsity Baseball Districts05/22/2015
Varsity Track State05/22/2015
High School Talent Show05/22/2015
Varsity Soccer Districts05/22/2015